Going French

It's not a hard decision. In fact, there are a number of reasons why going French is really a logical choice for me. I hate exercise, therefore I don't do it. I have a sick obsession with cool jazz (I named my son after Miles Davis and I literally own every recording the man has ever made). I love chocolate so I eat chocolate EVERY DAY, without compromise. And my philosophy with eating and weight loss is essentially, if the pants don't fit, go up a size. You always look good when you simply wear what fits.

All this being said, what really took me over the edge was this picture:

Francoise Hardy is a French singer and actress who originally made a name for herself in the 60s. Gorgeous, effortless and distinctly unaware of her beauty...or is she? Who wouldn't want that? And her voice is the icing on the cake. So, my quest begins and I've been picking up a few french inspired images to set me on my way.

Quintessential french...striped shirt with a pop of color from Zara.

Miles Davis playing with the Miles Davis Quintet in 1967. The french have always appreciated the power and significance of jazz music and supported many of its best during a time when African American artists, including Davis, weren't even aloud to use the rest room in the jazz clubs they were headlining in the United States. The man was (is) a genius, not to mention he's cool as hell. Listen...

The ultimate "American in Paris" to me is Nichole of the blog Little Brown Pen. She is hilarious (check out her Twitter feed here), laid-back and, along with her husband, a curator of french color stories. And they sell the images on Etsy!

Authentic, rustic french food in my hometown at The French Pantry. It's got limited hours and is on Powers Ave...you have to see it to believe it. DELICIOUS and incredible reviews on Urban Spoon...

So, whose with me?? I'll personally supply the wine...

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  1. Glad you're back! I always loved your blog.