Pin it Forward - What home means to me

Pin it Forward has made it over to my little blog today! I'm extremely excited to be using the great pinterest site to gather images that represent "what home means to me." You can follow all the pin it forward boards by clikcing here. If you want to view the schedule of when other bloggers will be posting, check out the schedule on Victoria's blog, sfgirlbybay!. Here's a little sample of what home means to me.

Top image of our small town square area in Atlantic Beach and bottom image is my daughter Mia learning to surf!  Right image pinned via etsy shop Tastes Orangey.

I live in Atlantic Beach, Florida and living at the beach is the best decision I've ever made. You slow down immediately and never forget to enjoy the your surroundings.When we moved from our 2200 square foot, four bedroom home to our 1150 square foot cottage, we had to downsize our possessions by more than 50%. Other than marrying my husband and having our kids, it's the best decision I've ever made.

Clockwise from left: Top image - The blue lamp (which was a flesh tone until I painted it) is mine and found in a thrift store and the George Nelson bachelor's chest I found in the same thrift store for $6.99!! I know, ridiculous. The orange dessert bowls and hobnob turquoise salt bowl hold my jewelry. Both were found at flea markets. The vintage school chairs are pinned from Etsy seller Accessories Addiction. The awesome spindle back chairs with turquoise vinyl seats were a recent score on Ebay.Four for $10...not kidding. (Did I mention I am a deal hunter too?). You can read about my vintage typewriter collection here. The typewriter is a pin from Etsy seller Joe Vintage.

I don't just like vintage things, it's pretty much a lifestyle choice for me. I collect vintage typewriters, scour thrift shops and flea markets and stalk ebay for great finds.My mother and grandmother used to drag me to garage sales and flea markets when I was a kid and I never realized what an incredible mark it made on me. I learned to value real craftmanship and the value of a dollar. Thanks Mom and Grandma!

Home is so many things to me, there's not enough room in a blog post to say it all. But when it really comes down to it, home is them. 

Check out the rest of my pins here. Thanks everyone for visiting, and don't forget to stop by another awesome Tiffany's great blog, Simply Modern Mom, tomorrow to see what home means to her!


  1. thanks so much for sharing your ideas of home, and your family! lovely post, tiffany!

  2. love your vintage collection!